10th Guy Fawkes (Bonfire) Night in Vilnius

Social Event
BCC event
11-10 Saturday
Vilnius Grant Resort, Ežeraičių km, Ežeraičių g. 2, Vilnius 1420d
16:00 h



The 10th Guy Fawkes Night in Vilnius will be held @Vilnius Grand Resort with a bonfire, the Guy, mulled wine, hot food, and hot chocolate to keep everyone warm throughout the evening!

The Bonfire part will be naturally happening outside, but hot meal buffet, cake and entertainment part will be held inside @Ben’s Bar.

Excellent news: Viačeslavas Mickevičius, a well-known street artist, known to BCCL community from a number of Bonfire Nights in previous years, is coming back to our 10th anniversary event with a new entertainment programme!

As every year, the children will be able to enjoy the sparkles and marshmallows near the Bonfire – outside! The Event, as appropriate, will end up with the fireworks  – kindly gifted by BLIKAS, Master of Pyrotechnics!

You can check last years photo gallery here

Guy Fawkes (Bonfire) Night is a traditional event widely celebrated in the UK for about 400 years already. Its history goes back to 1605 when a group of Catholic conspirators, including Guy Fawkes, were attempting to blow up the Houses of Parliament, in London. The event is accompanied by firework displays, the lighting of bonfires and the ceremonial effigy-burning of one Guy Fawkes.

Don’t miss out the best late autumn traditional family event, which was initiated by the BCCL in 2008! 

Let’s make all together this late autumn traditional family event as memorable as ever!

Please contact Sandra Kundrote, BCCL Executive Director by e-mail: sandra@bccl.lt, Mob. +370 611 37486


Time Activity
4:00 PM Gathering near Bonfire outside on the green field not far from the parking on the right handside if you face the main hotel building. Mulled wine, hot chocolate for children served outside; Lightening of the bonfire.
4:30 PM All are invited to walk inside to Ben’s Bar to enjoy hot food buffet including soup, traditional fish & chips, Lancashire hotpot, with salad and pancakes for the children. A glass of wine, Black Bottler Scotch will be available with the buffet dinner.
5:30 PM Medieval juggler Viaceslavas Mickevicius is back! This year with his new programme to be enjoyed by kids and adults.
6:10 PM Vilnius Grand Resort cake cutting ceremony. Coffee and tea.
6:30 PM Going outside to enjoy marshmallows near the bonfire.
7:00 PM 10th Bonfire Night Fireworks – a gift by BLIKAS UAB – masters of pyrotechnic. (www.blikas.lt)

The BCCL Thanks to 10th Bonfire Night Sponsors