Business Breakfast Briefing: Public procurement and competition law: dos and don’ts

Business Breakfast Briefing
BCC event
04-20 Friday
Courtyard Vilnius City Center
08:30 h

We have the pleasure of inviting you to The British Chamber of Commerce Business Breakfast Briefing to be held on 25 April 2018 which will address the most common issues and the main risks of competition law infringements related to participation in tendering procedures as well as joint tendering or subcontracting.

Public procurement has recently attracted increased attention from the Public Procurement Office, the Special Investigation Service and the Competition Council. Over the past 10 years, almost 40% of investigations by the Competition Council into prohibited agreements have been related to public procurementBid-rigging is one type of prohibited agreements most commonly identified by the Competition Council. In practice, such cartel activities can take various forms, so it’s essential for every company participating in public procurement to know and be able to recognise such anti-competitive practices. By engaging in bid-rigging a company runs the risk of being heavily fined (up to 10% of the company’s annual turnover), sued for damages and disqualified from tendering procedures. Added to this, bid-rigging may also lead to individual liability of the company’s managers.

By the resolution of 20 December 2017 in one of the most recent and high-profile cases the Competition Council for the first time recognized joint tendering by construction companies as a serious violation of the competition rules and fined two companies MEUR 8.5 and MEUR 3.6, respectively. Although the Competition Council’s decision has now been appealed to the court, the recent case law of foreign courts in similar cases shows that, in many instances, courts sided with competition authorities and upheld the findings that joint tendering by competing suppliers may result in prohibited agreements if it has as its effect the restriction of competition.

Dina Lurje, a member of the Competition Council of the Republic of Lithuania, Rasa Zaščiurinskaitė, Managing Associate at COBALT and Deividas Soloveičik, Partner at COBALT will present and discuss legal and practical issues on the subject.

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