Being successful in a post-Coronavirus business world

Speaker Meeting
BCC event
10-22 Thursday
14:00 h


  • To discuss changes in business environment during and after the lockdown
  • To show members how to use the platform
  • Engage and motivate members by showing best practices and success stories


Joost Visser, Karolina Vainilkaite, Leila Bardasuc


  1. Introducing trends and patterns of business environment during and after the lockdown
    To update on current developments, share and discuss ideas for future direction(s)
  2. Showing CONNECTS (company’s view)
    How it works and what companies can do when they login
  3. Skills development and Best Practice Sharing

To engage and share best operational practice

  1. Sharing experience
    • Case studies and successes


After the webinar, members will be able to:

  • understand how to use CONNECTS;
  • Understand how to use CONNECTS for company’s benefits
  • include CONNECTS in their working routine (don’t think about the platform as it is additional/extra tool)
  • to engage other colleagues, such as responsible for communications or business development in using CONNECTS in an integrated way for their area of responsibility

Online event is free!

BCC event speaker
  • Joost Visser
BCC event speaker
  • Karolina Vainilkaite
  • CONNECTS Communities Developer, TIAO
BCC event speaker
  • Leila Lunguleac-Bardasuc
  • PhD, Business Development Manager