Workshop with Mischa Coster “Business is psychology: how to influence and persuade others”

BCC event
10-18 Friday
Radisson Blu Royal Astorija Hotel
16:00 h

How are you being influenced?


We all know business is about people. Making a connection, helping people choose, convincing them of our uniqueness. But also influencing and sometimes even persuading them. Persuasion is a way of getting your target audience (customers, prospects, partners, stakeholders) to choose the direction that you suggest them to choose. In an authentic, honest and ethical manner, that is.


Automatic behaviour, fast thinking, cognitive biases and heuristics are the psychological constructs we are now facing. Especially in a connected world where everything we do is being logged, measured and analyzed, we can effectively use persuasion tactics to get people to move in our direction.

During this special XL seminar for the British Chamber of Commerce in Lithuania, media psychologist Mischa Coster MA MSc will join us all the way from The Netherlands to take you on a 3-hour tour in the world of psychology, media, tactics and strategy. He will share insights on how to most effectively influence people by means of persuasive communication. And of course, he will share lots of scientific insights but also real-life examples of behaviour influence. This way you will not only know the science, but get the tools and strategies to put this knowledge into practice the next day.

Participants have described Mischa’s keynotes as being ‘inspiring’, ‘world class’, ‘entertaining’, ‘science put into practice’ and ‘fascinating’.

Seminar outline

– The value of psychology
– Introduction to unconscious behaviour and decision making
– Models and methodologies for analysing and influencing behaviour
– Influence techniques: Priming
– Influence techniques: Pricing
– Influence techniques: Persuading
– Wrap-up
– Q&A

Followed by Networking Reception at Astorija Gin bar.

BCC event speaker
  • Mischa Coster
  • Media psychologist

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