300 British Companies asked a start-up if it was worth setting up in Lithuania – Press Coverage


April 10, 2019

BCCL members quoted in the main press for Brexit – 300 British companies asked a start-up if it was worth setting up in Lithuania.

Launched in Lithuania, Salomon Securities, received 300 inquiries from British companies in one day asking how to continue a full-fledged business in the EU after Brexit, signaling that business in the UK and European Union (EU) divorce is far from being not ready. This situation opens up a window of opportunity for two years to attract UK investment to Lithuania.

Simon Davies, CEO of Salomon Securities & Co (SS), AB, founded in March in Vilnius, claims that the last minute queries just showed that the business is not ready for any UK exit from the EU, so the UK’s divorce offer It would be a logical decision to postpone the EU deadline for another year in order to avoid losing track of the Brexit cluster on 12 April.