The British School of Vilnius joined BCCL as Small Company Member


October 23, 2018

The British School of Vilnius (BSV) will open in Vilnius in January 2019 and offers parents the choice of a British education for their children. Their curriculum is based on the English National Curriculum; the same curriculum taught in the vast majority of schools in the UK and British schools worldwide.

As is the mission of The Schools Trust, The British School of Vilnius aims to be a World Leading School, and therefore means having nothing less than the highest of standards in everything they do.

They are ambitious with the education they provide, and their goal is to ensure their students thrive, not just academically, but also in character. With every child that attends their school, the BSV will endeavor to instill not only a love for learning but also the values and experiences that will remain with them throughout their lives.

The BSV campus is located at Nemencines Pl., 48 and will provide a wonderfully bright, modern environment in which students can study and explore. BSV will initially offer places to children aged 2 to 6 years old, they will then grow with their student body, offering a further year group each year until they become a full Primary and Secondary school.

Their school is a member of The Schools Trust, an organisation with an established history of delivering high-quality educational services in an international setting. The BSV is fortunate to be able to draw from that expertise and to attract excellent teachers through the strong reputation of the organisation.