Emerging Europe Outlook on Lithuania Conference took place in London on 26th of November


November 27, 2018

On 26th of November, a group of BCCL Members were attending Emerging Europe Outlook on Lithuania Conference in London at European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).
BCCL was a proud partner of this Event.

Decision-makers were representing various industries such as banking, finance, investment, real estate, advisory, government and media, the BCCL members having a great opportunity to be engaged in various opportunities that exist within the conference.

The message delivered was very positive, both on the growth of the Lithuanian Market and how many reforms were made, trying to attract and co-operate with the business. The EBRD has invested in the region a lot, with the green investment, and their pride and priority being sustainable. Lithuania was introduced as an established innovation and technology hub.

A group of BCCL Member Companies represented:  Primus Derling, UAB Morita, KPMG LithuaniaNewsec, Integrate Advice Ltd.