Introducing the new business networking lunch programme hosted by the British Chamber of Commerce in Lithuania


August 2, 2019

Did you know that to get tax incentive in Lithuania as a producer you need to: shoot at least 3 days in LT;  51 % employees should be from LT or EU; minimum expenses in LT is 43 000 eur and minimum 80 % of the film production should be spent in LT. Interesting? This and much more was discussed by BCCL members and friends with the British-Iranian film producer Alexander Sadreddini at our first Business Lunch.

With the success of recent film/TV series filmed in Lithuania, Alexander Sadreddini spoke about the TV & Film co-production between UK and Lithuania – a great opportunity that big corporations (BBC, HBO, etc) already took the advantage of, Lithuanian film business, what gates it opens for the British Films and the upcoming productions.

 Each month the BCCL will invite public figures from diverse fields such as politics, arts and culture.
See you at the next BCCL Business Lunch!