Our social responsibility

The BCCL is committed to playing an active role in bringing the outside world into the business environment.

Our aims are:

  • To be active in leading and supporting social responsibility initiatives that have a lasting impact in Lithuania;
  • To encourage and facilitate corporate social responsibility awareness and practices among our members;

Who is eligable for our support:

  • local charities with a priority given to those which have British roots, and work with children and youth;
  • local non-governmental organisations which we believe are doing important and valuable work for Lithuanian society;
  • activities or projects that protect and raise awareness about the environment.

Through our own activities and through partnerships with other local organisations, the BCCL aspires to be a catalyst for change – by using our voice and our network of relationships to work with others and influence activities that make a difference, create change and have a lasting impact on the world around us.

Looking for advise on local children and youth charities or projects?

Through our engagement with various organisations in the past, we are keen and able to give you advice on projects or organisations that we have worked with in the past. Please get in touch should you be interested to talk.

Current year partners

VILNIUS SOCIAL CLUB to support their street based youth work programme. They combine the concepts of mobile work and detached work with young people and functions in neighborhood of Naujininkai. It is a long-term program whose purpose is to start relations based on trust with young people suffering from social isolation and to provide social help in their environment. This program is carried out by two social workers who regularly (3-4 times per week) visit gathering places of young people in Naujininkai.

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The foundation ‘Ne apie mane’ (Not about me), to fund a purchase of sensors for children with type 1 diabetes, which are not funded by the Lithuanian government. “Not about me “(ne apie mane) fund encourages people to find a way to relieve children from the pain caused by diabetes. The main goal of this project is to significantly reduce the number of injections per day the child has to endure and raise public awareness by spreading the word about this incurable disease that children have to live with every day.

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Previous partners