Welcome TRINITI JUREX, our new Golden Member


February 3, 2022

Please welcome TRINITI JUREX, BCCL’s Golden Member. TRINITI JUREX, is a future-thinking and internationally recognized pan-Baltic legal advisory team, ready to drive clients for success by crafting future on their terms. The firm covers the full scope of commercial legal advice, which is awarded and trusted by local market leaders and international clients, including FORTUNE 500 multinationals. TRINITI JUREX tame the future to make it more comfortable for your business.

To find out more about TRINITI JUREX read the interview with Evaldas Pocevičius (associate partner):

Evaldas, first of all, can you tell us a bit more about your legal background and the TRINITI JUREX law firm?

I have been in law for nearly as long as the firm I represent – a bit over 10 years. Some may argue that this is not a long time, but I believe I completed my 10,000 hours in the first 2.5 – 3 years, so quite a bit of experience passed through my mind in those 10 years. For the past few years, I have been mostly involved in dispute resolution, i.e., litigation and, most recently, arbitration. Having said that, dispute resolution is only one of the practices covered by TRINITI JUREX. The firm has one of the most extensive teams in dispute resolution, vast experience in corporate dealings as well as M&A, and lots of experience working with startups. The firm is also well known for its IP practice, as well as its broad understanding and involvement in the development of real estate projects and projects related to the energy sector. Obviously, at TRINITI JUREX, the clients are also well covered in all other areas, such as employment, public procurement, data protection, tax, etc. I would be happy to say that if you manage to name a legal problem to us, we will most likely be able to solve it.

You often advise and consult British companies. Could you see any commonalities between them? Maybe there is a dominant sector from which these companies are coming from, or maybe they have similar legal questions that they are dealing with?

I would not be able to generalize on this question since our experience with British entities, as well as nationals, includes a wide variety of sectors and questions. I would say that, in general, Lithuanian businesses are keen to establish long-term work relations with British companies. Therefore, disputes are mostly avoided. As per the scope of cooperation, as I mentioned, it is extensive and that provides a chance to work with diverse clientele on issues in many areas, starting with the quite common, such as the furniture industry and extending to engine parts of various assemblies, then jumping to the dairy section in the supermarkets and finalizing the journey in the City of London whilst dealing with fintech companies. So, I am happy to say that we have seen most of the colours in the pallet and, therefore, are here to assist.

As BCCL, we united various businesses across different industries. In your opinion, what are the main challenges and opportunities for British business in the coming years?

Brexit is still to leave further marks on businesses, although much has already passed. From my professional perspective, the questions of litigation and the recognition and enforcement of judgments are the key developments to keep an eye on. Recognition of arbitral awards should not be anyhow undermined, but the position of the EU regarding cooperation with the UK in the field of administration of justice is, to say the least, worrying. It is possible that slow development in this field could lead to an even faster escalation of transit from sometimes preferred litigation to less known for Lithuanian businesses, arbitration. I would be more than happy if such a shift happened since that would not only expedite dispute resolution for businesses but also introduce an even higher standard for legal services in dispute resolution.