BCC Paper No. 56 Winter 2017


BCC Paper focused on digital theme. This issue is the last one published on paper. Read

The BCC Paper is an English language newspaper, published by the British Chamber of Commerce in Lithuania three times a year. The print run is 4000 copies per issue, covering a wide variety of subjects related to business between the UK and Lithuania. Every edition focuses on a different business sector. It also provides an outlet for the chamber and its members to publish their latest news and offer their professional views on current political, economic, European and cultural topics. The paper is widely circulated: available from Lithuania’s three airports, business centers, hotels and the UK and Lithuanian embassies, in addition to being sent to all BCC members and business contacts, meaning it offers premium advertising space to companies wishing to engage with the Lithuanian business community.

As a member of the British Chamber of Commerce in Lithuania you can use the BCC paper as a channel for your company’s promotion and communications, additional benefits include:

    • Discounted advertising rates for BCC Members
    • Company profile for BCC New Members
      As a new member of the chamber you are invited to submit your company profile of up to 200 words with contact details, photo of the CEO, contact person, etc. (Service free)
    • BCC Sponsor Members are offered additional benefits
      Please contact the chamber to find out.
    • BCC members listbenefits
      Company name, business activity, website address. Please inform us, if your company’s contact details have been changed recently to ensure that we submit the correct information.
    • Member company news
      As a member of the chamber you are entitled to use the member news column for your company’s news, providing up to 200 words + photo. Free service. (members exceeding 200 words will be charged extra)